Watch with glittering eyes around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in the magic will never find it! – Roald Dahl

You’re one in a million…or actually, one in 7 Billion

on 05/28/2012

National Geographic’s special series: 7 Billion

Have you ever been in public and noticed a group of people talking & smiling & happy to see one another? I was on a business trip recently and I saw a happy scene on the patio of a lovely restaurant in Oklahoma City (not as podunk as I thought it would be, actually…though I could do without the sporadic oil drill sightings) and I thought  “That could be me. Those people obviously love each other, have fun together and are an integral part of one another’s lives.” You could tell by the intimacy of the entire group’s interactions that they were close and they were having a wonderful time. And it’s like that, ya know, all over the place. Well, except in places where it isn’t…you know, where there isn’t a lovely outdoor patio at a nice restaurant, or indoor plumbing, or electricity or whatever…you know, the finer things in life…the things most of the people in my life might take for granted.

But, have you ever stopped to think “What if we run out? Then what? How do we know if there’s enough…stuff?”

When the lady in the bathroom at work carelessly runs the hot water at full blast while she dutifully brushes her teeth, I imagine young children in Africa walking miles with heavy jugs to get the water their family needs…every. single. day.

When we throw away leftovers that went uneaten or food past its expiration date, I cringe for the mothers who beg – or worse – just so they can feed their children.

When I walk into my own mom’s house (“Mom!! Don’t you know your daughter is an environmentalist, for pete’s sake!?) and see that she’s left 6 lamps on in the house while she was gone so that she didn’t have to come home to a dark house after a long night of work, I think about what life in the slums of India might be like.

And I shiver. And sometimes I’m ashamed. Sometimes I feel so sad for those who just can’t ever seem to get ahead; to catch a break. Or, sometimes I feel hope. I mean, the more we are aware, the more choices we can make, or change, right??

So, think about this…the more people there are, the more stuff they need just to survive, much less enjoy a comfortable life. The more stuff they need, the more resources it takes to make them, ship them, store them, sell them, and keep them.

There’s a lot of people out there…over 7 billion now…what are we gonna do when we run out? Because we will run out…if we don’t do something…Do something better every day 🙂


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